Crisis Intervention and Counseling Services

Pathways to Healing provides Crisis Intervention and Individual Counseling to survivors of sexual assault and abuse age 8 and older, and their loved ones.

  • Services are confidential (private)
  • Sessions are no-cost to survivors
  • Services focus on healing from the trauma of sexual assault and abuse

Crisis Intervention

Crisis intervention is short (3-5 sessions)

  • Addresses your safety and immediate needs
  • Helps to build coping skills to help you feel safer and more stable
  • To help a loved one: help you create a plan to support your loved one and to take care of yourself

Individual Counseling

One-on-one counseling is with licensed clinicians who have specialized training in the field of trauma.

  • Our counselors create a safe, supportive, non-judgmental environment.
  • They foster hope and healing for each survivor.
  • Counselors are supportive and use evidence-based treatment models such as TF-CBT and EMDR.
  • During your first appointment, you will not be expected to share your full story.

Group Counseling

Group counseling is important because a counselor can tell you that healing is possible, but another survivor in the group can show you that healing is possible.

  • 6 to 10 survivors meet weekly
  • Groups are 1.5 hours with trained Group Facilitators
  • Trauma stories are not told in group
  • You must be already involved in one-on-one counseling with either a private therapist, Pathways to Healing therapist, or another service provider
  • Pathways to Healing also offers other groups when available. Examples of these are: Art Therapy Group, Yoga Therapy Group, Music Therapy Group, and Dance & Movement Therapy Group

Counseling Referrals

Individual Counseling Referrals

Pathways to Healing focuses on working through the trauma of sexual assault and abuse. Services at Pathways to Healing can be done at the same time as other therapy for other issues. All Pathways to Healing counseling services are available at no-cost.

To refer a client, call our hotline at 803 · 771 · 7273

Group Therapy Referrals

For a client to attend a support group at Pathways to Healing, the client must be already involved in individual counseling. If a client is not currently in treatment with an individual therapist, the client can be connected with an Pathways to Healing counselor. Groups start at different times throughout the year.

To refer a client, call our hotline at 803 · 771 · 7273

To Refer a Client For Services

To refer a client, call our hotline at 803 · 771 · 7273

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